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Basic Course in Rhetoric

Who is the course suited for?

Do you wonder whether rhetoric is something for you or other people at your company? The best way of finding out is to take the Basic Course in Rhetoric. You will meet other like-minded persons, exchange experiences, and learn useful and specific tools that you can use in your everyday work.

Number of participants

16 participants maximum, with two instructors. The participants are divided into small groups. 8 participants maximum per instructor.


Two days, with a home assignment.


To master a wide range of at least 10 rhetorical tools that are learned through a combination of theory, examples, group work and practical exercises using the tools covered in the teaching. The main emphasis is on individual exercises and individual feedback. During the two course days you will write three complete presentations (including a home assignment) that you will deliver and receive feedback on.


  • The cornerstones of rhetoric.
  • Support for your thesis / main message.
  • Dividing your arguments using ethos, logos and pathos.
  • Outline, with different orders for your statements.
  • Presentation of evidence to support your arguments.
  • Specific linguistic tools.
  • Crisis/chaos resolution without preparation time.
  • Analysis of other presentations/speeches. Each course participant will write and deliver at least three presentations, and will receive thorough, detailed feedback on them.
  • To recap, you will be able to express yourself more clearly and you will become more confident and gain greater credibility.

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