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Seminar on Argumentation

Who is the seminar suited for?

Anyone who has taken the Basic Course in Rhetoric and wants to develop a toolkit of arguments. We will begin by looking at the products and/or services offered by the company, and draw up arguments in favour of the different products/services, adapted to different relevant target groups and situations. We will ensure that the arguments have both breadth and depth.

Number of participants

Minimum 5–6.


Half-day (or adapted to the client's needs).


To develop a toolkit of arguments; arguments that address the different products and services offered by the company, adapted to different target groups and situations. Participants will come out of the seminar more confident, better prepared, and with a greater ability to generate sales.


  • A brief summary and recap of the most important and most relevant parts of the Basic Course in Rhetoric.
  • Charting of different products and services.
  • Assessment of the primary target groups and situations.
  • Exercises to create tools. Arguments adapted to products/services and target groups and situations.
  • Summary and further work.

The Seminar on Argumentation is the ideal follow-up for company groups that have previously taken the Basic Course in Rhetoric.

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